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Please read the following advisory that was posted to the Stuart Police Facebook page.  Please distribute to your neighbors. 
If you have any questions, please give me a call. 
The Stuart Police Department has recently received reports of "distraction burglaries". One report was an actual burglary and the other was an attempted distraction burglary.
In one report, the victim reported to police that she was approached an Hispanic male. The other reported that he was approached by an Hispanic female.
The suspect then points out landscaping problems or fences that are in need of some repair or clean up. The suspect lures in the victim outside to discuss the problem and how they can help to repair the issue. While the victim is distracted outside of the residence, another individual enters the home and steals valuables.
The Stuart Police Department offers the following suggestions:
1. If you are approached by someone offering services that you did not ask for, DO NOT leave your home and have a discussion with the individual.
2. Do not open the door. Ask the person what company they are with and tell them you will call the company to verify their identity.
3. Ask to see their City of Stuart permit to solicit.
  4. If you see ANY suspicious activity or are approached by anyone that wants to speak to you outside of your home, CALL 911 and report it to the police.
Officer Brian Bossio #142
Public Information Officer
City of Stuart Police Department
(772)288-5339 office
(772)486-3305 cell

Click on the Neighborhood Watch Manual to learn more.



Management was informed that there were a number of cars burglarized recently in the Pines, and a home broken into in Windemere. Please keep your car locked at all times, don't leave anything of value in your car, and keep your garage door closed. If you see anything or anyone suspicious please report it to the Police.