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Lakes and Preserve Areas in Pineapple Plantation

Pineapple Plantation boast 22 acres of lakes, and 80 acres of preserves and wetlands.
The Pineapple Plantation Property Owners Association is responsible for protecting and maintaining these areas. The Developer accepted this as a condition for the development of our Plan Unit Development (PUD)…and we inherited this requirement when the Developer turned-over the Association matters to the Property Owners.

There are substantial fines for degrading, destroying, impacting, or even using some of the preserve areas included in our Association property.

All Property Owners must understand that motorized vehicles are NOT allowed in the preserve areas…it is illegal…and if damage results from this use…all the Property Owners will bear the legal and financial consequences of that damage. We have installed many barbed wire fences to control access to, and protect, our wetlands.
We are also responsible for controlling any invasive or exotic plants from intruding into our preserve areas. It is the Associations responsibility to pay to have these areas inspected and all exotics removed. We have contracted DGC Environmental Services to inspect and maintain our preserves and wetlands.

Our seven (7) lakes are also maintained by DGC Environmental Services. This includes border grass and algae control, bacteria and water testing, and 12 inspections per year. It is not easy to maintain the lakes given the many rules we must adhere to. Certain chemicals cannot be sprayed at the same time as others. Certain treatments cannot be re-treated for a certain period of days or weeks. The rains wash away the treatment and wash all the fertilizer from our lawns into the lakes…which creates another algae bloom…but re-treatment must be delayed to follow the treatment requirements. It’s a tricky issue to manage.

"Did you know we are not allowed by law to spray chemical treatments of any kind within 15 feet of our lakes?


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